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We are the leading distributor of Japanese restaurant supplies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Americans have become familiar with Japanese food, as it is now easily accessible in most communities. Although the number of Japanese restaurants has increased, and selection of Japanese menus has expanded, most of the American market has just scratched the surface of the world of Japanese cuisine.

N.A. Sales has been working to educate and familiarize its customers with the wonderful foods of Japan since the company was established in 1970. We will continue to support our customers through our extensive knowledge base and product
selection to Bring Japan Closer.


Thank you for visiting our website. Our company has served the San Francisco Bay Area restaurant community as a source for Japanese foods, saké, tableware, kitchen supplies, and restaurant management expertise for 50 years. We are in a unique position as a Japanese food wholesaler.
As a professional in the restaurant business industry, our employees have the knowledge, products, and sources that other companies do not. We continually strive to evolve with not only the market demands but more importantly, our customers’ needs. Although the restaurant industry has changed over the years, our intention towards our customers has remained unchanged. We make every effort to support our clients by working closely with them to anticipate and provide the products and services that they need most during these challenging times.
I hope that this website will serve as a place to communicate and exchange information with our customers. We often take special requests from our customers and will always strive to meet each restaurant’s needs as a “handy” wholesaler. I am counting on your continued guidance and support.

N.A.Sales Co., Inc.

Tetsuo Mochizuki, President


N.A. Sales Co., Inc. was established in 1970 by the three Inaba Brothers. They predicted that the Japanese food industry would develop around the San Francisco Bay Area and created N.A. Sales to serve the needs and demands of the emerging Japanese restaurant industry. The Inaba Brothers had already established North American Trading Co., Inc. and North American Food Distributing Co., Inc. in Sacramento but their focus was mainly on selling foods, saké, tableware, and kitchenware to retail stores. To serve the needs of the rapidly growing restaurant industry in the Bay Area, they established a new company in the Bay Area that specializes in Japanese restaurants. In that time, there were only 80 Japanese restaurants in the Bay Area, but the number today has increased exponentially, showing that the Japanese food culture has permeated through the United States. Therefore, we are putting more effort into product development and the expansion of our operations to provide top-notch services to our customers as a restaurant wholesaler specialist. Moreover, the Japanese food culture has changed dramatically, and our company has continually adjusted to those changes throughout the years.
It has been our goal to be at the forefront of the Japanese restaurant supply industry. In the beginning, our product line only included basic food ingredients with basic applications such as unagi for sushi and tsukemono (pickles) for bentos. We gradually brought in products to match demands, such as the “sushi boom” which started in the mid 1970’s. As Japanese cuisine became popularized even outside of the Japanese community, we expanded our product line to include unique products such as colorful soy bean papers targeted especially for those who are uncomfortable eating roasted seaweed. We became the official dealer of TSUKIJI MASAMOTO knives for professional chefs. We were quick to respond to the “sake boom” in the 2000’s, by strengthening our alcohol product line. We currently have over 400 different types of premium sake from all over Japan to cater to subjective preferences of any customer. We also have a vast array of traditional Japanese-style earthenware, and as we saw that Asian fusion style restaurants were gaining popularity, we introduced a large line of white porcelain dishware.

As much as we value adapting to the changes in the world of Japanese cuisine in the Bay Area, we also strive to educate those who are looking to enter the world of Japanese cuisine. Since 2003, we have held an annual restaurant show. Many restaurant owners, manufacturers, brokers, and agents from Japan and the U.S. participate in this event to provide our existing and potential customers with a chance to learn more about the products we offer through food sampling, sake tasting and interesting demonstrations. We believe that it is truly a place of education, discovery and benefit.

Our company provides services from a restaurant manager’s point of view and strives to provide the highest quality goods as inexpensively as possible. Our goal is to develop a close and cooperative relationship with clients to provide the best services. Thank you for supporting our efforts with your continued guidance. Let’s Bring Japan Closer, together!

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