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#14852 (720 mL)

SMV : +2.8
Acidity : 1.4
Rice Polishing Ratio : 55%
ABV: 15%
Prefecture: NIIGATA
Brewery: KIKUSUI SAKE Co., Ltd.

Classic hiya-oroshi notes of honey and red apple with a classic Niigata style gentle, water-like finish. Pair with butternut squash soup and sweet dashi tamago nigiri

Sake is usually pasteurized twice. Once for storage/maturation and again during the bottling process. Hiya-oroshi is only pasteurized once in the late winter/early spring and matured until the fall season and released without the usual second pasteurization. It is not necessary to pasteurize a second time because the weather in the fall is cool enough to the point that it will not cause the sake to spoil. In addition, hiya-oroshis have a nice complexity and subtle creaminess that so elequantly compliment fall cuisine in Japan!

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